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Below is a legacy listing of my Newgrounds projects. More recent Newgrounds projects can be found at my Newgrounds Page.

  Title Author Roles
Awesome Noire Egoraptor The Chief
What's Going On Here? MyKindOfFlash All Characters
Awesome Chaotix Egoraptor Espio
Sergio and Bear 2 jaxxy All Characters + Writing
Zanta Claws III Edd (eddsworld) Zanta and Santa
No More Tricks jaxxy Skeleton
Road of the Dead Evil-Dog Main Character
Reincarnation: TBOH Chris Gianelloni (LiLg) Radio Announcer
RedHand Eric Pasquet (Shayphis) Xhast
GoldGrubber's Treasure David Fulton (JackSmack) Captain Goldgrubber
Alice is Dead - Ep 3 Mike (ImpendingRiot) Queen, Mad Hatter, Dr. Burr, Queen's Minion
A Robo Western Josh Palmer (Zeurel) Sheriff Bot, Sarge Sheriff
Reincarnation: LTETR Chris Gianelloni (LiLg) Radio Announcer
Sergio and Bear jaxxy All Voices + Writing
Girlchan in Paradise Ep3 Egoraptor Yusuke, Guy (goggles), Galactimaru, Restaurant Owner + Writing
People of Punk-o-matic 2 Evil-Dog Sid, Hackit and Bart
St. Pattack Casper Smith (Phantasmagor) Narrator
Primary JackSmack Narrator and Tutorial Voice
Punk-o-matic 2 Evil-Dog Sid, Hackit, Bart
Alice is Dead - Ep 2 Mike (ImpendingRiot) Mad Hatter and Voice from Speaker
ChristMASS Inc. Xavier Palin (KartuneHustla) All Voices + Writing
a letter to Santa Claus leonardo amaral (peixeaquatico) All Voices
Xmas Day Edd (eddsworld) Narrator
Ching Chong Beautiful Michael Swain (The-Swain) Japanese Announcer
The Siege Of Theldale Xeptic All Voices
The Halloween Animation leonardo amaral (peixeaquatico) All Voices
The Dangers of Halloween2 Yotam Perel (LazyMuffin) Johnny Stormface
Back to the Cubeture 1 Will Arbuckle (EdibleCastle) Totem Pole (Cat, Bear, Hitler)
Avatar Boredom Dub 10 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Voices + Scripting
FBF vs. Tween AtroxChobatsu FBF guy, Tween Guy
Half Assed Pirates jaxxy All Voices + Scripting
Girlchan in Paradise Ep2 Egoraptor Yusuke, Guy (goggles), Galactimaru, Fire Guy + Writing
Castle Repercussions - D2 Oscar Johansson (Get-lost) Mullins
Castle Repercussions - D1 Oscar Johansson (Get-lost) Mullins
You Only Live Once raitendo Jemaine & Misc. Lackeys
Cuboy Ep.3 Will Arbuckle (EdibleCastle) Ranksworth
Lil' Hoots ajax50 Lil' Hoots
Meet the Krinkels Luis Heavy Weapons Guy (Krinkels)
A Bid For Freedom AdamCook Kong
Castle Repercussions - C Oscar Johansson (Get-lost) Mullins
The Stick Generation Luan Prates (Alucard) Opening Narrator
At Heaven's Gates Hans Van Harken (AlmightyHans) Max Fulton/St. Peter
ParodyRangersTheMovie P.2 Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) Evan Splooge
Saturday Morning Watchmen Harry Partridge (HappyHarry) Bubastis
Girlchan in Paradise Ep1 Egoraptor Yusuke, Guy (goggles), Galactimaru + Writing
Apocalypse Please EP: 1 A Drew Matson (Five-Iron) Tanis
The Real Legend 3 Jerry (Granfaloon) Flare Dancer
Griswold the Goblin 2 CH1 Casper Smith (Phantasmagor) Opening Narrator
$00pah NiN10Doh! Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) Male Pkmn Trainer, Master Hand
The W Force - Episode 1 Mike (ImpendingRiot) All Roles
Sunshine The Parakeet Toonimated Bird Owner
Zanta Claws II Edd (eddsworld) Zanta Claws and Santa Claus
The iPhone Shuffle st1k All Roles
Gears of Awesome Egoraptor The Locusts
The Greatest Idea Ever! HotDiggedyDemon Chip Sprinkle
Jigsaw squeakytoad Jigsaw
The Dangers of Halloween Yotam Perel (LazyMuffin) All Roles except trick-or-treaters at the beginning
ParodyRangersTheMovie1-3 Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) Evan Splooge
ParodyRangersTheMovie 1-2 Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) Evan Splooge
Mastermind: WC Michael Swain (The-Swain) Most Minions, Mandible, Lord Garth, Radiel
MGS: Flash Collab DISC 02 JohnnyUtah All Voices + Writing (Egoraptor Sketch)
The Last Maple Story Brian Schmoyer (CirrusEpix) Lennon and Tauren
EW: Moving Targets Edd (eddsworld) Sgt. Hilarson (Hilary)
Collin & The Wishing Tree Xavier Palin (KartuneHustla) All Voices + Writing
Crows' Life Episode 3 Toonimated Octavio (English)
Hard Boiled Egg Julio Lopes (Fierras) Narrator
sherry enema: #2 Cameron Clunes (CameronClunes) Tony
More Brawl Taunts Chris (Kirbopher15) Ike and Wolf
Naruto Super Dub Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) Idate, Sakura, Main Water Ninja, Various Clones + Scripting
Brawl Taunts Chris (Kirbopher15) Ike
Tainted Kingdom Krin Juangbhanich (Krinn) Burk, Edgar, The General
Mastermind 3 Michael Swain (The-Swain) Multiple Rebellious Henchmen (Balls!)
Avatar Boredom Dub 9 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Drunken Masters Dan Hoelck (JohnnySedona) Rey Conquista
Metal Gear Awesome 2 Egoraptor Grey Fox Victims
Egocaptured Mike (ImpendingRiot) Bad Guy, Annoying Villain, Bill Cosby + Scripting
Avatar Boredom Dub 8 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Evil TV short #1 hikari42 Blues
Zanta Claws Edd (eddsworld) Zanta Claws and Santa Claus
Avatar Boredom Dub 7 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Nameless THE GAME Yotam Perel (LazyMuffin) TV Host, Colombus, Pilgrims
Miss Dynamite XXIII gdh Sirkowski All Male Roles
-Tomamoto's The Kingdom- Matt-Frozenfire All Voices + Writing
Avatar Boredom Dub 6 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Attack of the Wonkybirds hikari42 Josh, Mean Mr. Evil Head + Scripting
Actstravaganza Vol.1 Xavier Palin (KartuneHustla) Naruto Holloween (All) and Soaps (Antonio)
Going Grim Stephen Grant (Evilcactus) Grim Reaper
Laughter Blake Tomlinson (Zandoid) Bus-Stop guy, Hunchback Guy, Office Guy
Kid Icarus - Rampage Murat Kemaldar (MKjack) Hades
Commercials David Paul (MetalDart) All Voices
Avatar Boredom Dub 5 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Newgrounds Levels Julio Lopes (Fierras) All Voices
Avatar Boredom Dub 4 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
SummerShorts st1k All Voices
Avatar Boredom Dub 3 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
sharks and not sharks McBean Blonde Lawyer Guy
Command & Conquer TE Killerratte Commando, Mad Shep, Frenchie
NG: The redesign ToasterDemon All Voices
BBQ-Town 2500 Bbqbeefburgerman All Character except Narrator
Harry Potter INA Image Nation Animation (ImageNation) Voldemort, Hargrid, Nerdy Hallway Kid
Avatar Boredom Dub 2 Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Avatar Boredom Dub Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto) All Roles + Scripting
Utonium's Catastrophe Xavier Palin (KartuneHustla) Narrator
New, From Apple! SirSloth All Voices
Bbq-ish Cop 2 Bbqbeefburgerman All Characters
Bbq-ish Cop Bbqbeefburgerman All Characters
GW: "Burn Baby Burn!" Blake Tomlinson (Zandoid) Art Teacher
Miss Dynamite XXII iraq Sirkowski All Male Roles
Well Enough Alone: Part 1 Kuoke Mitchell Williams
Hewitt Chris Gianelloni (LiLg) Harold
My New GirlFriend Chris Gianelloni (LiLg) Happy
MoreLikeBlue: Ep 2 Brady Lowery (Gobi) Boss
Going Nowhere: 01 (pilot) Blake Tomlinson (Zandoid) Eric
Plight of the Xmas Lights Mike (ImpendingRiot) All Voices
MLB: Halloween Brady Lowery (Gobi) Bunny Character
MMO :: Pilot Episode Justin Sanders (Neolight) Hagiede
The Pumpkin Plot Mike (ImpendingRiot) All Voices
Bbq-ish Space Race Bbqbeefburgerman BBQBeefBurger Man and Ham the Sandwhich
Create Clock Animations Mike (ImpendingRiot) Narrator and Strawberry Clock